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Barkas Valantis
Earthmoving - Excavations - Bucket Rentals - Earthmoving Vehicles Transport
- Recycling & Trade of Inert Materials - Kos


The company BARKAS VALANTIS, based in beautiful Kos, has been a major force in the field of earthworks for many years. With pride, we provide our services in Kos and the surrounding islands, covering every earthmoving need with precision and professionalism.

Our experience is distinguished in the field of large technical projects, while the investment in modern equipment and the training of our operators is the key to the efficient and always timely completion of our projects.

The recognition we have gained from the successful implementation of large projects on the island, enables us to take on challenges and carry out earthworks successfully, such as demolitions, backfilling, embankments, landscaping, road opening, and embankment.


We pride ourselves on our ability to undertake foundation excavation, aggregate handling, earthworks of all kinds, as well as subcontracting advanced projects. Our approach instills credibility in public and private initiatives, serving municipalities, communities, and business plans that contribute to the region's infrastructure.

The know-how of our people, our proven experience, and our determination to adhere exactly to the schedules provide reliable results, highlighting our responsibility and quality in our cooperation with individuals, entrepreneurs, municipalities, and technical companies.

With a rich fleet of vehicles, our company is prepared to undertake and successfully complete any type of earthmoving work you entrust to us. We are here to make your needs a reality and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.