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Recycling & Trade of Inert Materials
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At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming more and more important, the company BARKAS VALANTIS is at the forefront of the effort for sustainable development in Kos.

From the heart of the island, we undertake the recycling and trade of inert materials (AEEK) with the aim of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Our recycling activity strengthens the circular economy by promoting reuse and waste reduction. We act as intermediaries in the recycling of materials such as metals, plastics, and glass, ensuring that these materials are recycled in a sustainable and responsible manner.


Aggregate trade is another way for us to contribute to sustainable construction activity in the area. We provide materials such as sand, gravel, and stone, supporting sustainability-oriented projects and construction.

At BARKAS VALANTIS, sustainability and environmental protection are the driving force behind our work. We work with clients and businesses who share the same goal of a more sustainable and responsible future.

Choose BARKAS VALANTIS for our services in the recycling and trade of inert materials, and contribute to the effort for a better tomorrow for Kos and for our planet.